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I'm a work in PROGRESS. infrangible in-FRAN-juh-bul adjective 1 : not capable of being broken or separated into parts 2 : not to be infringed or violated

“Writers don’t need tricks or gimmicks.”

“Writers don’t need tricks or gimmicks.”

I don’t know Raymond Carver, but I want to know him and his works. He said that “Writers do not need tricks or gimmicks.” – I guess, in some point yes- because you need not to be too wordy with your thoughts especially if you could do it convey it minimalistically. However, a good story for me is something where I envision myself in the creative and playful world of the writer. It’s when the story brings to me to its own realm by means of the words used and I don’t care if its flowery or too extravagant. What is important is that I enjoy and I understand what the writer has to say. ❤

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If you write for an audience — be it millions of strangers or your mom — you inevitably think about how your words appear to others. Very often, this self-consciousness results in overstuffed prose and too-clever storytelling. Here to remind us of the virtue of simplicity in writing is Raymond Carver, a master of narrative and linguistic economy:

“I hate tricks. At the first sign of a trick or gimmick in a piece of fiction, a cheap trick or even an elaborate trick, I tend to look for cover. Tricks are ultimately boring, and I get bored easily, which may go along with my not having much of an attention span. But extremely clever chi-chi writing, or just plain tomfoolery writing, puts me to sleep. Writers don’t need tricks or gimmicks or even necessarily need to be the smartest fellows on the block. At the risk of appearing foolish, a writer…

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After Watching She’s Dating The Gangster

After Watching She’s Dating The Gangster

A few months back I still can recall how excited I was to learn that my favorite local teen stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla were doing She’s Dating The Gangster. I know they will be portraying the characters very well that originated from the book authored by Bianca Bernardino. I was thinking of watching it on July 17, their first showing day, but I didn’t make it. So, a week after I got the chance to see it by myself. I went to this newly renovated cinema in Plaridel and boom! I found myself sitting on one of the chairs on the middle section of the balcony along with other movie goers.

The story – it’s very full and rich with emotion that triggers your fancy thoughts. The two met in school, just right after Kenji and Athena Abigail broke up. Kenji tried to win Abigail by making Athena his fake girlfriend. Their main goal was to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. So they strolled around the campus pretending to be in love, not realizing that they’ve already fallen for each other. Ofcourse, as the most inspiring love team to date, I would say, that they didn’t fail to show their signature look-at-each-other and intertwined hands. The tantalizing eyes of Kenji Delos Reyes beaming towards Athena Dizon’s window of soul is a source of a never ending giddiness all over the place. Their warm hugs and crazy arguments brought me thinking if I could also have my own Kenji someday. Wooing Athena by means of reckless measures done by Kenji, jumping from like 3 storeys high just to make her say the most coveted “YES”. The pros and cons of being a gangster’s girlfriend was gracefully endured by Princess Athena, it prepared her for the predicament they were about to face.

The ruthless character of time that has lead  the two to separate and decide to sacrifice their love so that the other Athena would live. So they parted ways,on another timeline came Kenneth (Kenji’s son) and Kelay (Athena’s niece), they relived the shortened love story of their folks, only to find out that there is still a chance for them to continue their love story.

With the circumstances that brought them together, Athena finally laid to rest her weak body but with a very spirited heart to Kenji for the last time. The monstrous time that broke their hearts years ago, is the same element that brought them back together, and this time keyed a closure on all the cards laid before. It was a very ironic and yet love fulfilling story. Athena and Kenji’s long wait was all worth it, to die in the arms of your one and only true love. ❤

Kenji's one true love <3

Kenji’s one true love ❤

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My Happy Mantra


The peace you get for yourself when you have a real cool relationship with Jesus brings you to a state where you are just completely happy and complacent with all that’s thrown at you. Be good to your fellow, treat them like how you would treat Jesus just in case you meet Him personally. If you can, even it would hurt, avoid peers who drag you down the pit. They are never worth your time and attention. Be a good daughter or son to your parents- you’ll miss them a lot when they’re gone, a caring sibling-they’re your real besties, a nurturing parent-feel blessed for you are trusted by God to raise a human, a happy partner-you’ll never know until when you’ll be together. Lastly, love yourself, as if she is your betterhalf-because you cannot give what you don’t have. #Justsaying