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My Happy Mantra


The peace you get for yourself when you have a real cool relationship with Jesus brings you to a state where you are just completely happy and complacent with all that’s thrown at you. Be good to your fellow, treat them like how you would treat Jesus just in case you meet Him personally. If you can, even it would hurt, avoid peers who drag you down the pit. They are never worth your time and attention. Be a good daughter or son to your parents- you’ll miss them a lot when they’re gone, a caring sibling-they’re your real besties, a nurturing parent-feel blessed for you are trusted by God to raise a human, a happy partner-you’ll never know until when you’ll be together. Lastly, love yourself, as if she is your betterhalf-because you cannot give what you don’t have. #hellomimil.wordpress.com #Justsaying


A Nice Stir


It’s been sometime since I last put my thoughts in black and white. I’ve been busy with parenting along with my lares and penates at home. It feels strange that I can already publish my opinion on certain matters online. Back when I started writing, my pen and notebook were only the ones witnessing my happiness, angst and deranged emotion. It is so nice to rekindle the passion that was once placed in the backseat. Well, we all need to make ourselves fit for a given time being. Time change and so does priorities. Having the tools and ofcourse the passion to do the things you once loved, writing as for me, is a breath of fresh air. What’s my point? That it is so overwhelming to confabulate with myself once again.


–Got from the blog I had years back.Reposting¬†: